Thursday, March 31, 2011

MCP Actions Blog

I have been following MCP Actions for a couple of years now. I stumbled across the site one day while looking for some Photoshop actions. Being new to actions, I wasn't quite sure how to use them so I downloaded some freebies she offers to give it a try. After that I was hooked.  I now own several of the sets and they make your images look beautiful. MCP Actions also offers tutorials and tip and tricks through the Blog. One of my favorite posts was a 6 part series about using a flash. Check out Part 1: Flash, the natural light photographers “dirty word”

Friday, March 25, 2011

MCP Project 52 Week 12

This week's theme for MCP's Project 52 was "From the Jewelry Box".  I knew soon as I saw this theme that I would photograph some of my pieces from Kirks Folly.  If you've never seen their jewelry I suggest you go check it out.  They are all about fantasy and fun.  Their merchandise is available through QVC or on their website.   The above necklace is one of my favorites and I can't tell you how many compliments I receive whenever I wear it.  I absolutely love anything celestial and I am a big fan of star gazing.  To add to the celestial theme, I sprinkled some folly dust on the table and added a crystal ball for an extra touch.  And no, I don't tell fortunes with the crystal ball.  I bought it years ago for a Halloween decoration but I ended up keeping it out all year long.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy Spring

So this is the scene I woke up to yesterday morning.  It seems Sunday's warmer weather had been just a tease.  And if this isn't enough, we are expecting another 5" tomorrow.  Will Spring ever come or will Mother Nature continue to torture us?

Monday, March 21, 2011

MCP Project 52 Week 11

I am participating in MCP Action's Project 52 (see badge on the right).  Every week on the blog, they post a new theme for the week.  Pictures must be taken between Saturday through Friday and then uploaded to their Flickr group.  This week's theme was Darks & Lights.  I was a little late in posting for this week.  My original idea for this theme was to go out to the highway at night and get some shots of the cars passing by with the buildings illuminated in the background.  Unfortunately, I was too busy this week to make the time.  So, being the Super Moon was approaching on Saturday, I went out to my backyard on Friday night and captured the almost full moon.  I got some good shots before the clouds started rolling in and I ended up choosing this one.  I thought the clouds added a little mystery.