Monday, March 21, 2011

MCP Project 52 Week 11

I am participating in MCP Action's Project 52 (see badge on the right).  Every week on the blog, they post a new theme for the week.  Pictures must be taken between Saturday through Friday and then uploaded to their Flickr group.  This week's theme was Darks & Lights.  I was a little late in posting for this week.  My original idea for this theme was to go out to the highway at night and get some shots of the cars passing by with the buildings illuminated in the background.  Unfortunately, I was too busy this week to make the time.  So, being the Super Moon was approaching on Saturday, I went out to my backyard on Friday night and captured the almost full moon.  I got some good shots before the clouds started rolling in and I ended up choosing this one.  I thought the clouds added a little mystery.


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